If you have questions about where our animals come from or what you need to have us at your next event, you have come to the right place! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at 724.239.5511 or 305.773.0489 or by going to our contact us page!

Birthday Parties

Does the age of the child matter?

Due to the show being a mixture of dialogue as well as visual, we feel the show is geared for ages 4 and up. With that being said, we do many shows where the birthday person is aged 1-3, but with a mixture of older children and adults as well.

Will the children get to touch the animals?

Our Pennsylvania Game Commission license does not allow contact between the public and any mammal or bird in which they regulate, which would be all the animals in the show. We do allow the children to touch certain amphibians and reptiles in the course of the show, if they wish. If a child seems nervous or afraid of an animal we do not even offer for them to touch.

Do we perform the shows year-round?

Yes, although weather can dictate if the show is performed indoors (winter) or in a shaded area (summer).

How much space do I need?

The animals occupy a roughly 10’ by 4’ area and we keep about a 12’ distance between the animal carriers and the closest children. The majority of space that will need to be accounted for will be to accommodate the audience.

How long is the show?

Roughly 45-50 minutes with a Q&A session at the end, so an hour total should be planned for.

I have pets, what should I do with them for the show?

Any pets that would be able to approach our animals should be kept away. Some of our animals could be frightened, while others could be very upset with another animal approaching them while they are in a confined carrier.

Will it bother the animals if people are eating during the show?

No, but you might have to share birthday cake with a jealous monkey.


How many children do we allow for a show?

We prefer the group to be no larger than 150-175 children. We do charge for each show and if we have to do a larger group we will to accommodate your budget. We do set a hard cap of no more than 350 children per show. We can do up to four shows in one day to accommodate all students in the school.

How long is the show?

The show itself is 45-50 minutes in length. We will follow the show with a Q&A session that easily can go 10-15 minutes.

Do the children get to touch the animals?

No, by law many of the animals cannot be touched. It would also slow the show down too much to try and have every student touch an animal.

What animals come to the show?

There will be 12-13 different species of animals, ranging from arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The exact animals that come can depend upon which trainer does the show. We each have certain animals we work with.

What is covered in the show?

Many topics are covered including: the importance of ALL animals, the jobs they perform in nature, adaptations, some of the misconceptions surrounding certain species, that wild animals ARE NOT pets, contrary to TV and movies animals are not out to ‘get’ you and the biggest problems facing wildlife today.

Where do we perform the shows?

Shows can be performed in auditoriums, media rooms, cafeteria(oriums) or even outside as long as the weather permits. The animals occupy an area of 10' by 4' and we like a minimum of 12' between the animals and the closest children. It is helpful if we can drive our van close to where we unload. Stairs or steps (other than 1 or 2) are impossible for moving the animals into the school.

Stage Shows

How much space do we need?

We have two units, each taking up approximately 50' by 70'. One unit sits 70' deep, the other fits 70' wide. This doesn’t include audience space.

What are our power requirements?

We require a 220 volt/50-amp service. This is a basic RV hook-up. We need 24-hour power one day prior to start of the event and at least one day after.

How many shows can be performed in a day?

We perform up to 3-30 minute shows in a day. We ask that all shows are within an 8-hour period.

Are there any other requirements?

We ask for 24-hour access to clean drinking water for the animals and 5-6 bales of clean, non-moldy straw for bedding. We also ask that all person and vehicle passes are provided free of charge.