Located in the heart of Southwestern Pennsylvania, we specialize in educational and entertaining wildlife shows for a variety of occasions and events.

With more than 30 years of experience working with and caring for wild animals, we travel the entire country educating and sharing our life’s passion with you!

We have more than 200 animals including: big cats, wolves, other large carnivores, primates, birds of prey, parrots, venomous and non-venomous snakes, crocodilians and other various reptiles, small mammals and amphibians.

Want to Help Wildlife?

There are many great organizations that do great work in protecting and saving wildlife around the planet.

These are large organizations that do a fine job, but sometimes smaller grassroots organizations may utilize a larger percentage of their donations to directly help animals. One of my favorites in this category is Project Survival in California.

They can be found at www.cathaven.com

Closer to home, one of the greatest things you can do is support your local wildlife rehabilitator. These are people who spend their time and a lot of their own money caring for local injured and orphaned wild animals. If you cannot give money they are always in need of many different items and dry goods such as: towels, blankets, newspaper, used (but working) appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and microwaves. Volunteering your time can also be extremely helpful. To find the rehabber in your area, go to www.wildliferehabber.com. They have a state by state listing of all the rehabbers in the US.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to help animals is to leave them untouched and in their natural environment. Kids have an intrinsic interest in animals and want to catch a frog, turtle or butterfly to look at it. This can be very stressful for the animal and it is best to teach the child to observe the animal or insect from a distance. It probably goes without saying that taking that same animal home and putting it in a jar or aquarium is highly likely to end in the animal’s death.

Sometimes well-meaning people join or give to organizations such as PETA or the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). These are animal rights organizations that oppose any animals being kept as pets (dogs, cats, goldfish, wildlife, etc) as well as eating eggs, drinking milk, using animal by products in any fashion or animals being kept in a zoo. No one (including us) wants to see animals abused or harmed but few people know the full extent of their agenda. We collectively want the best for animals but they feel only they know what is right and often bully or intimidate anyone that has a different opinion or way of trying to reach the same objective (the best for wildlife). It is a bit hypocritical that they will use celebrities in ad campaigns, who own pets, but yet feel that the keeping of any animal as a pet is akin to slavery.

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