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Price range $475-$500*

*Full show including the marque animal is $500, leaving the marque animal out is $475. This is for a one hour drive time from our base in Eighty Four, PA, to your location. Every additional 30 minutes of drive time is an additional $25 added to the price.

Our birthday party show consists of 12-13 different animals ranging from arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The animals we work with are among some of the most fascinating, beautiful and sometimes endangered animals in the world. The trainers present the animals in a fast paced, informative and fun format, which both children and adults will enjoy. It is a rare opportunity to see these animals in such an intimate setting at the location of your choosing. Some of the major themes of the show are teaching that ALL animals are very important in the world, that wild animals are not pets, problems facing wildlife in the world today, that animals are neither ‘Hollywood Villains’ nor ‘Disney Characters’, as well as learning about the individual animals. We have families that bring us back year after year.

The show is 45-50 minutes in length with a question and answer period in the end. We work with over 200 animals; the animals that come depend upon which trainer presents that particular show. Each trainer has a particular grouping of individual animals they work with. The full show consists of a marque animal at the end which can be either a lynx, leopard, wolf or young lion or tiger (if we have an individual young enough to go to a show). The option is given to leave out the marque animal. As per Pennsylvania law the marque animal must stay in a locked display cage and there is no contact with ANY bird or mammal in the show. We do make the birthday person special and offer for them to assist with certain animals in the show, this makes for great photo ops and adds to the experience for them.

The shows are performed year-round, although weather will dictate if the shows are performed indoors or out. Extreme high and low temperatures can dictate if we need a shaded area or a temperature controlled area. The show typically takes up a 10’ by 4’ area and we like a minimum of 10’ between the animals (in their carriers) and the closest children. We do not set a limit to the number of children that watch the show. We ask that we are able to park our animal van as close to where we will be doing the show as possible. Stairs or steps are nearly impossible for us in terms of moving the animals in and out (other than maybe 2-3 steps). Call or email to check availability of a date and time. If the date and time is open we will direct you to fill and sign our contract online. A show is not confirmed until this is filled out and sent back. Upon receipt of the contract you are booked and payment is asked for by the day of the show, either by check or cash.

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