Spot Nose Guenon

Blue monkeys are small (ranging in weight from 4-6 kg) and arboreal. The face is nearly naked, usually dark in color (infrequently blue), and has well-developed musculature (Lawlor 1979). Cercopithecus mitis is also known as the diademed monkey because it has a prominent row of forward pointing white fur just above its brow line (Rudran 1978). White whiskers are well developed in males. Males are larger than females. These monkeys are catarrhine; the nostrils are close together and they face downward. They have cheek pouches to carry food while foraging (Rudran, 1978). The dental formula of C. mitis is 2/2 1/1 3/3 2/2=32. The nail on each digit is flattened, and the pollex is opposable (Lawlor 1979). The upper parts of the body are gray and the limbs are darker in appearance. Some young have indistinct russet-colored rump patches, which has not been seen in adults (Dorst and Dandelot 1970).